Carl Camurati's Musashi

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Fighting Musashi

Beginning life in 1998, this Musashi is owned by Carl Camurati in New York. A prestigious and experienced fighting ship, she is a member of the IRCWCC (International Radio Controlled Warship Combat Club). She divides her time between

Hagerstown, MD
Holmes, NY
Lakehurst, NJ
Johnson, RI
Joppa, MD

Carl has won the following awards with his Musashi:

Von Fluegel 2002 (highest point score at Nats)
Most feared Allied warship Nats 2003, (went allied to balance teams)
Von Fluegel 2004
Most feared Axis 2004 (tied with Cameron Moury)
Von Fluegel 2006
Most feared Axis 2006

She has sunk about 20 ships in her time. On the other hand, she has been sunk 6 times.

Also a 1/144 scale, her hull was made by Frank Pittelli and is 72 inches long. She weighs a hefty 59 pounds.

Carl tells me he flies the Itallian flag because the crew didn't like the Japanese food and suicidal captain!

Owned by: Carl Camurati
Built: 1998
Length: 6 feet, 0 inches
Width: 10.75 inches
Homewaters: Camp Conron Lake, Holmes, NY, USA

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